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I’m a recruitment consultant working mainly with the building and construction materials, minerals and general manufacturing sectors.

I’ve worked in recruiting the best talent to these industries for over 16 years and what drives me is the satisfaction that I get from placing the right people with the right company. Finding that perfect match means job satisfaction for the candidate and increased creativity and output for the business they work in.

It is three years since I took a leap of faith and launched KMN Consult. In those early days I remember sitting at home wondering if I’d done the right thing. No guaranteed monthly salary, no holiday pay, no-one backing or funding me…

Two months later it was March and Covid hit, the world stopped and so did the business I had just started. Panic mode truly kicked in at this point and I was convinced I had made the biggest mistake of my life.

But there was nothing else for it, I had no other option than to keep going, working hard and hoping for the best. There were days full of worry and many sleepless nights, but I was determined that my young company would flourish, whatever the odds and twists and turns on the way.

Fast forward to 2023 and I am receiving many well wishes for my three-year work anniversary as KMN Consult.

So I am entering year four running a successful business and working with amazing clients who retain me to work with them in solving their challenges and recruiting talent.

Success never comes without sacrifices; it takes hard work. My daily routine goes something like this:


This is MY time. I walk my beautiful dog Harper, before going to the gym and getting ready for my day. Yes, I am one of those people that gets up at 5am every day and I love it!


This is my work time.

Every day is different.

Some days I am on the road, travelling in the car for 4-6 hours and attending meetings/site visits.

Some days I am in the office all day on the phone, interviewing and doing teams calls.

Some days I am in the office 4/5 hours and work from home the rest of the time.

Some days I walk Harper at 4pm and will be on the phone to clients at the same time or replying to emails and messages.

If a candidate or client wants to talk to me at 8pm at night, I will.

It’s tiring and it’s hard work but when you are passionate and driven about what you do, it’s worth it and for me it’s rewarding.

My friends and family sometimes tell me to slow down and not to do too much but this is me, it’s who I am.

So that’s my three years journey so far at the helm of KMN Consult. It’s been a rollercoaster but one I wouldn’t change, and I am excited to see where KMN will be in another three years.

Every time I match the perfect person to their perfect role it gives me great satisfaction. I place great emphasis on getting to know the recruiting company and the candidate, what makes them tick, what’s their ethos, personality and expectations. It’s not about who or which role appears to measure up on paper, it’s about delving deeper to ensure a great partnership – a successful career for the candidate who becomes a strong advocate that drives business forward for their new company.

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